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Emergency Numbers In Oman

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Emergency Numbers In Oman

Every user follows distinctive protocols in terms of emergencies. From the time an incident came about to the time reporting or getting a responder till the very end, it’s far critical to recognize who to name, what to do and the way to react in those emergencies.

Whether you’re using or doing all of your day by day habitual to work, you’ll want to be accountable to touch right government for emergency instances.

Your maximum crucial duty while settling in a overseas land is to recognize what to do in instances of emergency.

For Filipinos who simply arrived in Oman, residing for the primary time on this land, we can provide you with a complete manual on the way to file and cope with conditions like emergencies.

The first factor one should do, even earlier than an emergency is to be aware of the emergency hotlines a rustic follows. In the Sultanate of Oman, emergencies and scientific offerings are treated through the Royal Omani Police thru the Public Authority for Civil Defense and Ambulance. You can name 9999, that’s the country wide emergency hotline for Oman.

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For a scientific emergency, usually hold in thoughts that there’s no public ambulance provider on name. When an emergency came about, you should without delay name a health facility to set up an ambulance for you or set up your transportation like a taxi or your own circle of relatives and friends.

Next factor to do is to pick out your specific vicinity and search for close by landmarks. You should be geared up to offer guidelines on the way to get to your area. Make positive to teach the responder to keep away from delays.

Emergency Numbers In Oman
Emergency Numbers In Oman

Emergency numbers


  • Walls office. 24798100
  • Public persecution. 24566858
  • Hospital. 24738036
  • Municipality. 24792172
  • Electricity Emergency. 24714300


  • Walls office. 24715100
  • Public persecution. 24810959
  • Hospital. 24711296
  • Municipality. 24707072
  • Electricity Emergency. 24714300


  • Walls office. 24592346
  • Public persecution. 24566858
  • Hospital. 24593311
  • Municipality. 24590773
  • Electricity Emergency. 24591974


  • Walls office. 24420000
  • Public persecution. 24423345
  • Hospital. 24423044
  • Municipality. 24422268
  • Electricity Emergency. 24423555


  • Walls office. 24845052
  • Public persecution. 24836800
  • Hospital. 24876512
  • Municipality. 24875606
  • Electricity Emergency. 24875630


  • Walls office. 24845037
  • Public persecution. 24846800
  • Hospital. 24845003
  • Municipality. 24851500
  • Electricity Emergency. 24845009

That was all necessary emergency numbers of Muscat Oman


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