Check UAE Traffic Fine online
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Check UAE Traffic Fine online


UAE is a very well developed and civilized country.It has given space to many expats from each and every corner of the world and they are living a great,luxurious and peaceful life.

For the peace of the country it is necessary to make the traffic rules and make sure that these rules are followed by the citizens either they are local or expats.


Traffic rules are executed to ensure the peace of the country.The traffic rules may seems to be irritating but they exist to assure the road s safety but if all the drivers follow it with keen observation.The UAE government have have severe traffic rules and restrictions which include high fines on offenders of traffic rules.


The UAE transport authority is using cutting edge technology to collect these fines automatically.When a driver disobey any rule than the RTA updates the penalty on the car license number or number palate.

The authorities then notify these drivers or owners by sending an SMS or and email on the recorded contact numbers.Then the car owners or drivers can easily pay this fine online by visiting the Abu Dhabi police,EVG, and RTA portals.

Check UAE Traffic Fine online
Check UAE Traffic Fine online

Only serious offenses such as drinking during driving, causing serious accidents, and causing a public disturbance on highways necessitate an offline visit to the regional RTA Department.


Now the UAE government is making easy to pay the traffic fines through online official websites.This have make the payment work easy you can pay it without and any manual effort and without any hassle.

You can check the traffic fine through several websites such as RTA and Emirate vehicle Gate.


RTA is the official websites for drivers to check their fines by just a single click.The RTA Authority is responsible for building and maintaining convenient transportation around the country.

You will need the following information to complete the checking process:

• Plate Details

• License number

• Fine Number

• Traffic file number

Checking and paying the fine is four step process.You can visit your profile by putting all the above information and than you can frequently visit this profile to have a check on your violation of fee.

• Login to your account on the official website of RTA.

• Choose the vehicle licensing option this will be followed by the pay vehicle fine option.

• After that write your vehicle information such as the license plate number/vehicle number.

• After that, choose the Emirates where your vehicle is registered.

• After entering the information, click the submit button.

The site will display your vehicle information, the kind of fine(s), and the amount of fine you must pay when you complete these simple steps.


EVG is the one step destination where you can find all the information you want.You can use the EVG portal:

• to receive a new vehicle registration card,

• get vehicle insurance

• see automobile accident history

• inquire about certificate inquiries for your vehicle

• Moreover you may easily check traffic penalties and pay them using the same portal To retrieve your RTA fines via Emirates Vehicle Gate, you must have any of the following:

• Traffic Code Number

• Vehicles Number

• Plate License Number

• It is important to remember that you must write the name of the emirates where the car is registered.

• color of the number plate

• kind of number plate whether it is private or government.

Follow these steps to complete the checking process:

• Select the ‘Services’ option from the navigation menu after visiting the EVG website.

• Select the ‘Vehicle’ menu. Select ‘Traffic Fines’ under the Vehicle option.

• Enter the car details in the fast search menu and press the ‘Submit’ button.

After you input your details, the site displays your traffic fine type, personal and car information, and the amount you must pay.

So, if you’ve already registered as a vehicle owner at Emirates Vehicle Gate, you may log in to your account and check the RTA penalties area for updates on your UAE traffic fines.

These were the two official websites where you can check the violation fine online at a single click!

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