Dubai Family Visa Rules

Dubai Family Visa Rules 2022:

Dubai is a state of United Arab Emirates and is becoming the number one city in the world due to its development and wealthy people and number of industries.It is considered as a biggest business hub in the world as many expats runs to Dubai to establish their business and to make their empire to step on to success and to get all the luxuries of life.

Many people reside in Dubai as workers,engineers,teachers,doctors,drivers and mechanics some of them live here as bachelors with out family far away from their family but some of them are living with their loved ones.

If you are also planning to have your family with you than you have apply for a family visa.So here we are to tell you all the family visa rules go through this whole article get benefit from it and to clearly understand all the rules.


UAE has now declared some new rules regarding to family visas.According to which you can sponsor the visa of your son who is 18 years old without any need of searching for the sponsor also known as Arbaab.Following are the rules:

• The family visa rules in UAE states that educational background or profession should not be a reason on which the visas should be issued.

• Instead of it the income of the residents who is applying for the family visa is referred more.So no means of you are a manager or a degree holder but if you are not much financially strong to fulfill the needs of your family than you would not be allowed to sponsor their visas.

• In all emirates issuing family visas is started based upon different profession.

• Before the changes in Dubai family visa rules males male residents were required to hold any profession apart from domestic helpers or similar categories.

• But now in 2022 since 2019 any male working in the UAE can sponsor their immediate family members, such as their wife and children, with just a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation its mean that he must have some suitable apartment on rent to reside their with his family.

• For females residents who are willing to sponsor their families than the family visa rules are slightly different for them.For a women to sponsor their family visa she must have a residence permit which declares that she is an engineer, teacher, doctor, nurse, or other profession related to the medical sector.

• She must also earn a monthly salary not less than AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 plus accommodation.

• In Dubai if any women does not fall in the above mentioned categories than she would not be permitted to sponsor her family visa no means if her salary exceed AED 10,000. She will also be required to ask for permission from the DNRD.

Dubai Family Visa Rules
Dubai Family Visa Rules


As changes are made to the family visa rules in 2019 new rules were implemented.An amendment was also added to the residency visas for 18-year-old sons sponsored by their parents.

• According to this rule the expat can apply for a renewable one years residency visa for their son it may be from the date on which their secondary or by the date when they turn 18 years old.

• This Dubai Family Visa Rules is only applicable for those who have just graduated from the universities in UAE or abroad.

• This type of visa has a plus point that the parents would not place the bank deposited that is AED 5,000.

• The new family visa UAE price will be AED 100 for first-time issuance and renewal.

• The family visa can by sponsored by parents for a daughter with out any age limit this means that you can sponsor your daughter’s visa until her marriage afterwards her husband would sponsor the visa for her.

Many family visas have been received after the changes has been made to it.The new rules are contributing in the stability of their country economy and also providing and building a cohesive and friendly environment for expats to start their family in UAE and to live with them and to enjoy the joy and luxury of that what is life.

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