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How To Cancel Your Net Connection In Dubai

How To Cancel Your Net Connection In Dubai

How To Cancel Your Net Connection In Dubai

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If u r looking for a genuine method for cancellations of your internet connection while testing in Dubai or UAE so u r at the right place.Many people whether they are citizens of Dubai but didn’t have idea that how should they cancel there internet connection doesn’t matter how they are qualified…

Sometimes they also search social media sites for this purpose but still they don’t understand the procedure or get stuck after doing some steps….So, today I bring the easiest way to u that will definitely help u out and I have explained in very simple and effective manner so u could understand…but if u skip any step there is a chance u will surely not proceed…

If u notice many people trying to cancel their internet connection but they fall they are unable cause there are some condition a person should keep in mind before doing that. visit for more Saudi updates Final Exit Without Iqama

To begin with our procedure there are some condition u should notice it first…


A member canceling internet connection should keep in mind that he/she have completed one year with internet connection service if not than he/she is not able to cancel that…


The reason for unabling to cancel internet connection is that when a person apply for internet connection he/she has to sign the contract with the STC landline and internet connection…


The contract is for that if a person wants to have access to internet connection than he/she will be unable to cancel the connection before the completion of one year..


How To Cancel Your Net Connection In Dubai

1:Now if anybody wants to cancel their internet connection he/she will not be able cause they have signed the contract..

2:Even if a person call STC to cancel his internet connection they will ask to clear all the dues then they will proceed the disconnecting procedure…

3:But if a person clear all his dues he or she cannot cancel the internet connection as per contract as will continuously receive STC bill at the end of month.

4:Even if u complaint to STC office that u haven’t consume a single mb or didn’t made any call but received the bill, they will tell u to repay your dues which is a loss…

5:For that there is one solution if u want to go against the contract and cancel your internet connection before 1 year completion yo have to pay a fine nearly worth SR 399.

6: After paying fine nearly worth of SR 399 internet connection will be cancel and will not receive any kind of internet bill again..

Only the contract is reason for non wanted bills even after your cancellation..

How To Cancel Your Net Connection In Dubai, So this was all the accurate and simple procedure one should know to overcome the issue with their internet connection bill..

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