How To Pay Your Internet Bill In Dubai
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How To Pay Your Internet Bill In Dubai

How To Pay Your Internet Bill In Dubai

How To Pay Your Internet Bill In Dubai

Mobile phone and internet play an important role in communication system specially for the people who are far from their countries. As there are so many monthly plans of internet and it’s use is not free. One must pay their internet bill every month if he/she is using in her mobile or personal computer.

As we know many people if they are living in Dubai or not didn’t know How To Pay Your Internet Bill In Dubai. Many people search internet for this purpose to get some guidance to solve all issues related to paying bills in Dubai. Not only the citizens but also foreigners search for this purpose coz they plan their future in Dubai and want to get access to all these things related to daily needs as internet is also Daily need now a day..

So if u r looking for a convenient method for How To Pay Your Internet Bill In Dubai, so u are at the right place and u will definitely find a way for your need. visit for official website Here


So, there are two ways of paying your bills in Dubai,

1:du telecommunication
2:Etisalat telecommunication


In order to pay utility or internet bills one should have following required things..
1:credit card or debit card


For paying your bill through Etisalat telecommunication must follow all the steps and don’t miss any of the below step we are telling u otherwise u will be confused or shucked…

Now let’s go ahead to our procedure,

1:first u have to choose the bank site from chrome in which bank u have available amount or from which bank u r willing to pay your bills and bank must be of Dubai..

2:after opening site of your specific bank, create account by entering email and password and press SIGN IN.

3:Then your bank account interface will be explored.

4: At the right corner you have to click the menu and it will show different options.

5:Select bill payment from these options.

6:sub options will be open so choose your method either Etisalat or du but I will here choose Etisalat.

7:A new interface will open and u will be ask for Name an Phone number and submit..

8:And a page will be open with a sentence that your beneficiary was successful.. and will ask to enter your transaction code in the given empty box.

9:On your phone number which u entered before u will get the transaction code.

10:what u have to do that is copy it and paste it in the empty box where it is asked and press activate.
Now again u will see an interface with sentence like your beneficiary was successful and now you can pay your bills either internet bill or Mobile.

11:now again click on Etisalat and enter all the required information.

12:For example select beneficiary when u select beneficiary consumer account number will be automatically displayed.

13:Now the third option, they will ask for service to select.

14:as we are willing to pay internet bill so in that case we will select internet and then submit..

15: so by submitting your bill will be automatically played in seconds..
That’s it

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It was all the step by step and to the point procedure which should be followed..

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