How to Get NOC in Oman 

How to Get NOC in Oman 

If we talk about Oman then I am sure that Every one is familiar with its name because its a country that can not be ignored.

How to Get NOC in Oman 

Oman is also known as sultanate of Oman it is located on the neighborhood of Saudi Arabia , Dubai , and Bahrain. It is also a part of GCC countries. As we all know that Saudi Arab is an oil rich country and its roots are strengthen due to the discovery of oil.

So same like that Oman is also an oil rich country. It has many oil industries, tall buildings, beautiful islands that are really amazing and attractive and this infect attracts many tourists every year to explore beauty of nature.

Many expats use to visit Oman for the purpose of jobs because in many countries their is a great problem of unemployment, inflation, and few education so to get out of all these problems many people decides to move abroad to earn money and to do jobs.

In order to do jobs in GCC countries candidates needs a sponsor that is local of that country and has the authority to recruit workers. Once you got sponsor than it is all upon the sponsor also known as kafeel to provide you visa and driving license etc.

In case if your work agreement is expired and now you want to change your employer than their is a certificate that is known NOC.


The full form of NOC is no objection certificate. It is a type of certificate that is issued by the employer with who me you are already working to switch to another new employer and new job. NOC clarify that the employee has no such objection so the other companies and sponsors easily trust on that employee who is having no objection certificate.

Starting on NOC

The law of the requirement of NOC was passed in July 2014 which has a little effect on the workers already working in Oman.

Government rules about NOC

As per as the rule of Omani government an employee has to serve a company for at least two years only after two years one can change his employer or job because if you leave the company in the mid than the investment of the company will be wasted.

How to Get NOC in Oman 
How to Get NOC in Oman

Procedure to get NOC in Oman 

In Oman workers are staying for a short time due to some unknown reasons.The economy of Oman is affected by the sort stay of workers working there.

So now the Oman wants the workers for long time that is maximum of 2 years after that you can change your employer.

Here we are describing two cases of getting NOC that which employee requires to get NOC and which employer does not require it.

case# 1

An employer who has completed his 2 years of employment he does not need to get NOC to move to the next sponsor.As he has already completed his agreement than the investment of the company is not wasted.

Case # 2

Moreover if an employee who has not completed his working contract than he is required to get the NOC from the employer.

Company exploitation

On the other hand it is to be ensured that the company should not use it for their advantage. Now in recent years the Oman government has lifted the requirement of NOC which has become a great threat to the company.

Many people wanted that the government should amend the NOC rule to avoid the exploitation by the company.Because issuing the NOC is solely depended on the company so some times the company does not issue NOC to the employee for their benefit.

So if the NOC systems stood than the employee will also get freedom as the employer has.

Steps to get NOC

Step 1:

• First of all you have to ensure that the two-year contract is finished that was described above.

Step 2:

• If you does not complete than the company may not issue the NOC in Oman. But if the company is willing to issue the NOC between the contract than their is no issue by the government.

Step 3:

• If you are facing any problem than you van approach the Public Relationship officer of the company to get relieved from the company. Then you have to follow the steps the officers advice you.

Step 4:

• You have to serve the notice period of the company.

Step 5:

• Only then you can get relieved from the company.

At last you can submit all the valid document to the company which will issue NOC. How to Get NOC in Oman

If NOC is not issued

In past when NOC was not issued than you were having only 2 options first is to leave the country and move to your homeland and the second option is to continue the job in the same company. If the company is not willing to issue the NOC then no one can interfere this matter from outside the company.

Visa ban

If you are forced to leave the country without the NOC than you can not extend that visa your visa will be banned for two years until two years you will not be able to enter Oman.

So that was all possible information about the NOC system of Oman that was started on July 2014 but now by Jan 2021 the NOC system has been lifted and now the employees are not in tension due to this procedure.

So now be happy because their is no requirement of NOC so you are free don’t think about it.

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