Good Food For Pregnant Women in summer
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Good Food For Pregnant Women in Summer

Good Food For Pregnant Women in summer

Good Food For Pregnant Women in summer
Good Food For Pregnant Women in summer

Diet Plan For Whole Day


Wholegrain cereal, milk and sliced fruit

Morning snacks
Egg sandwich with sliced vegetables and a cup of fruit juice

Noodle soup with shredded chicken, vegetables and egg

Afternoon snacks
A slice of fruit wholegrain and yogurt

Rice, fish and vegetables

Multivitamins intake food
Protein rich
Bread slice

Iron rich

Summary of recommendations

• The BMI need to be ordinary earlier than conception.

• During being pregnant, the energy requirements increase by as little as 10–15%, however the increased requirement for micronutrients is much higher. The food regimen need to be complete and balanced, with wholesome foods.

• Meals need to be distributed regularly for the duration of the day, although the number of meals might also additionally range in keeping with needs.

• The quantity of protein need to be barely increased.

• The day by day calcium consumption need to be a thousand mg, ideally with food.

• Minerals and nutrients need to be enough in a complete food regimen.

• Vegetables, fruit, wholegrain merchandise, dairy merchandise with low fat, lean meat and oily fish need to be part of the regular food regimen. The food regimen need to include many merchandise of plant origin
and slight portions of merchandise of animal origin.

• Water consumption need to be enough.

• Foods containing huge quantities of saturated fat and high-calorie chocolates and snacks need to be eaten simplest every so often and in restrained portions.

• Iodized salt need to be preferred, however intake need to now no longer exceed five g/day.

• The following dietary supplements need to be considered:

• Iodine formulations at one hundred fifty µg/day, starting from being pregnant making plans and continuing
for the duration of being pregnant and lactation;

• folic acid at four hundred µg till the give up of the 12th week of being pregnant;

• Nutrition D at 20 µg/day at some stage in winter;

• Iron-containing dietary supplements simplest if indicated; and

• w-three fatty acids if the expectant mom does now no longer devour fish.

• Alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances, tobacco and electronic cigarettes need to be averted at some stage in being pregnant making plans and for the duration of gestation and breastfeeding.

• Care need to be taken to exclude toxins that might also additionally enter the body from food processing technology, water or the environment.

• Regular slight bodily interest is advised..

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