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Booster shot vaccine in Pakistan

Booster shot vaccine in Pakistan

A question arises what is booster shot vaccine?

The simplest answer to this is booster shot vaccine is just another type of dose of vaccine that you received. Bye doctor Shaw” its concept is to protect immune system if there is any evidence of waning after sometime vaccine dose..

Now question arise why we need booster vaccine??

As earlier many vaccines were introduced but now there are some variants which affect the human body even if they have 2 doses of vaccine. For this purpose scientist thought that the vaccines should be improved.. As taking vaccine doses more than two time doesn’t sound good..

So a booster vaccine is introduced booster vaccination doses taken earlier to protect the immune system of body. As compared to earlier vaccines, booster shot vaccine has been approved by many countries in a couple of weeks..

Many countries did not accept China vaccine, and did not allow those people to enter that country who have taken even two dose of China vaccine. many countries made it mandatory for a traveler to get or take American or British vaccine before traveling to that country including saudi Arabia Kingdom..

Besides this, in last couple of days, Saudi Arabia April China vaccine Sinopharm and sinovac made it clear two must have booster shot vaccine dose before entering to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For this if a person wants to travel such countries, which do not accept China vaccine like Saudi Arabia and a America have taken two doses of China vaccine must have to get booster shot vaccine..

In these countries, Pakistan government approve booster shot for those people who have already taken to dozes of China vaccine and want to travel in such country we’re China vaccine is not accepted..

Booster shot vaccine in Pakistan

In August 2021, government of Pakistan also approved booster shot for those people who have already taken two doses of China vaccine and want to travel to the country where did is China vaccine not accepted..

Cost of booster vaccine

The government of Pakistan made it easy for traveler to get booster vaccine within the Pakistan and put them in affordable cost..

The cost for booster vaccine in Pakistan fixed by NHS ministry is 1270. It was overall simple information about booster shot vaccine dose in Pakistan..

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