Dermatalogist in Dubai

Best Indian Dermatalogist in Dubai

Best Indian Dermatalogist in Dubai

Dubai is a state of UAE which had different culture people.They are gathering together people of different countries and different cultures they are gathering them on a single platform.

UAE weather is really harsh and hot it can affect the skin of expats so thats why expats and many locals wants to consult a really genius doctor to treat them.

Dermatalogist in Dubai
Dermatalogist in Dubai


The causes of skin diseases and problems are immense, polluted air, environment, skin contact, etc.These are really dangerous factors that are affecting the skin of many people and are really in tension to have a glowing and fair skin.


Many people does not know that what dermatologist is? First of all you should know that what is the duty and profession of dermatologist.Here we have the answer for you:

Dermatologist is responsible for diagnosing, treating, and preventing more than 3,000 diseases that can manifest in the skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes.

There is no restriction of age groups these doctors can treat babies,children,youngster and seniors.Indians have the master mind to handle all the skin problems and disease.Almost all the Cosmetic, Laser Skin Clinic has specialized and highly experienced Dermatologists from India with having multi-dimensional careers in the field of Skin Care and Aesthetics correction.

As we know that all women and mostly men also are really sensitive about their skin.In Dubai their are very famous Indian dermatologists which are really good and interesting they perform many useful procedures and surgeries.


In addition to the treatment of our skin disease the dermatologist are here to advice us about the skin that how we can take care of our skin and what factors we can avoid to save our skin.

1- Dr. Mahaveer Mehta:

Dr Mahaveer Mehta is working in Dubai since 1990 he served as a consultant dermatologist in well known and famous skin clinics.He established his own dermatologist clinic in Dubai known as Dr. Mahaveer Mehta Medical Center. His professional career starts from the India where he was a member of department of Dermatology S.M.S.


• RF Micro Needle Fractional

• CO2 Fractional Laser

• Latest PICO Q Switched Laser

• TITAN, Nonsurgical skin tightening

• RF Micro Needle Fractional

• Tattoo removal by PICO Laser




641-B, Al Ghurair Center – Al Rigga Road – Dubai, UAE

2- Dr. Ramachandran Rajagopal:

Dr. Ramachandran Rajagopal completed his diploma from Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, and received his MD (Dermatology & Venereology), AFMC, Pune.He was also awarded a speciality certificate in dermatology from Royal College of Physician, UK.Dr. Ramachandran Rajagopal has an experience of 27 years in Skin Biopsy , Nail Surgery, Intralesional injections for Alopecia and Keloids, Cryotherapy, Cosmetology, Scar Therapy, and Botox, Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair & Face.


He has very outstanding specialities which are really unique you should have a look at these:

• Clinical dermatology

• Adult & Paediatric Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprosy.

• Excision of Benign Skin Lesions

• Skin Biopsy

• RF Ablation of Warts & Skin Tags

• Foot corns and foot warts Removal

• Cancerous Skin lesions Treatment

• Removal of Sebaceous cysts and unwanted moles

• Dermatosurgery

• Nail Surgery

3-Dr Teena Methew:

Dr Teena Methew is a life member of Indian Association of Dermatology.She earned her master and diploma in dermatology
Venereology, and Leprosy from Christian Medical College, Vellore.She was a really intelligent person and passed the medical test with great owners.She started in Dubai as a consultant dermatologist in Dubai at Zulekha Hospital.

This was a list of some best Indian dermatologist in Dubai which you can approach and how to get can an appointment.

There are a number of best Indian dermatologist in Dubai as we have mentioned above that Indians are the master minds of beauty and can treat all types of skin diseases.

I hope this article would be helpful for you.

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