Sheikh Zayed Mosque Booking Online UAE

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Booking Online UAE

Sheikh Zayed mosque booking online UAE

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is located in the capital city of United Arab Emirates known as Abu Dhabi…

It is the largest mosque of the country which visitor’s were about nearly 41000 last Eid..

Its evaluation is which Sunni Islam which is owned by government of UAE..

It architect was Yusuf Abdel Ki while its ground breaking was started in 1996 and was completed on 20 December 2007..

Its construction total cost is estimated as 2 billion dirhams( 545 million US dollars)…

This Mosque was built by the late Sheikh Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and was named by himself after his name.. if you want to find more jobs in UAE apply Here

This mosque has Very high catching view which attracts the residence as well as Travelers and tourist to visit here we have to book a ticket..

Booking a ticket online for Sheikh Zayed Mosque is very easy and simple as you have to do it by simply following some necessary steps…

Let me show you how can you book online ticket for the mosque..

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Booking Online UAE
Sheikh Zayed Mosque Booking Online UAE


1. First of all click on the below link which film q2a website from where you can easily book a ticket for mosque online..

2. On this website you will see different packages according to the time you want to spend with different packages cost..

3. These packages will be for, halfday,full day, premium full day, full day sightseeing Tour and many more..

4. Simply you have to select one package that best suits you and click on it..

5. Now on the next interface, all the necessary information about that package will be displayed for your convenience read it carefully and scroll down..

6. By scrolling a little down you will see three options in which you have to fill your info like the number of adults, children’s and infants and the date for which you want to visit and your language and click on the check availability…

7. The available package will be displayed and you have to click on add to cart..

8. You will given 1 hour in which you have to book your ticket just simply click on checkout..9. Now enter the details like your name, email and phone number and also enter your pick up location..

10. No bi scrolling down select payment method as I will go for PayPal and click on proceed to payment..

11. You will be redirected to your PayPal Account where you have to pay the package fee which you have selected…

12. After the package cost you are almost done and in an hour you will get an email of your ticket confirmed..

That was all the easy steps by which you can book online ticket for Sheikh Zayed Mosque…visit for more UAE updates Here

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Booking Online UAE Will be very helpful to you

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