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Saudi Labour Law 2021

Saudi Labour Law 2021

Saudi Labour Law 2021

As we know that labour are the building blocks of our society and plays an important role in nations life…

As labour’s sever their selves to us and do best for their nation or world in response we also have to give them their rights and should make some laws and policies..

Every nation respects their labour and provide them with different facilities.

To be in order done everything thing all countries have their own policies or laws for labour’s to serve everything in order and to provide them with the rights and facilities they deserve.

But here we are talking about the SAUDIA labour law 2021,so let’s proceed and have a look on the article..

The government of SAUDIA has taken the responsibility upon himself to provide a very facilitate and decent living to their people including providing jobs which makes the whole society.. How to check Saudi driving License

In order to give them equal rights they implemented law for labour’s which we call SAUDIA LABOUR LAW 2021..

Let see what are their laws..

This law was implemented by government of SAUDIA but it has three sections


This law was applied for just private sectors except for the following,
Domestic servants Workers on temporary contract and workers working less than six months,

A fix time should be scheduled to the employee by the employees.

Remuneration and Deduction
Basic pay, commissions and bonuses and employee benefits such as allowance of houses are included for employees service.

Monthly salary should be given to the hired employee…but if it is hourly or weekly based employee so than u should provide with your scheduled salary..


If a worker is incepted employer should make deduction from his salary but this deduction should not exceed 10% of their salary.

For an adult worker 8 hours a day or 48 hour in a week is the average time of duty.

employees has the right to enjoy one full day holiday in a week without any payment but there are 8 holidays in a year when labour enjoy holiday with full payment,

  • One day on Hijri New Year’s Day
  • One day on Ascension Day
  • Eid Al-fitr two days
  • Eid Al-adha two days
  • One day for the prophet Mohammed Birthday (PBUH)
  • National Day one


The employer may require the employee to over time job Which pay will be like

  • 1.25 times the basic hours on regular working days
  • 1.50 times the basic hourly on weekly day off
  • Twice the basic hourly rate for all hours worked on public holidays

The limit for overtime is 2 hours a day,6 hours a week and 180 hours a year.

The role of the ministry manpower is to raise the proportion of national workforce in a way that supports the national economy and to organize the labour market…

The ministry is also responsible for issuing the regulations and decisions to labour law.

This was all the laws that has power upon labour with in the sultanate of SAUDIA and to be implemented and strictly follow…

Small of changes occurs in law during time period but didn’t affected these laws cause it was a full and find and as well as well satisfied laws in which no changes can be implemented…

That was all about SAUDIA labour law 2021 ..

Hope u will find this article helpful..

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