Download Medical Certificate in saudi
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HOW TO Get Medical Certificate in Saudi

HOW TO Get Medical Certificate in Saudi

covid19 vaccines are rolled out around the world some countries are issuing vaccination certificates and lifting restrictions for those who’ve had a jab but will those who aren’t vaccinated be left out as society’s reopened this is inside story some COUNTRIES have begun issuing certificates for people to prove they’ve received the shots it’s raising concerns about potential discrimination nearly half of Israel’s population has received at least one dose of the vaccine.

The government is reopening hotels and gyms but only to people with a so-called green pass to show they’re either fully vaccinated or have recovered from covet 19. public health experts are worried about excluding those who are waiting to receive a shot or can’t be vaccinated due to medical or other reasons you can divide between two population if there is a good medical reason so for example if someone was exposed to someone infected and is vaccinated to tell him you don’t need to stay at home.

That’s okay that’s a medical decision a British government review is looking at whether vaccine certificates could help to ease lockdown measures faster the prime minister says there are many ethical and privacy challenges to work through.

we can’t be discriminatory against people who uh for whatever reason uh can’t have the vaccine there might be reasons medical reasons why people can’t have uh a vaccine or difficulties that they uh you know the people some people may genuinely refuse to have one now i think that’s a mistake i think everybody should have a vaccine but we need to thrash all this out many countries are preparing to create so-called travel bubbles for people who can prove they’ve been vaccinated Greece Israel and Cyprus have agreed to recognize each other’s vaccine certificates those who have them will enjoy unrestricted travel Greece is pushing for a similar arrangement across the European union.

Download Medical Certificate in Saudi

Download Medical Certificate in saudi

But France and Germany remain wary they’ve raised concerns over a two-tier system where some can travel and others can’t many countries are moving towards favoring those who’ve been vaccinated cutler has dropped quarantine requirements while Hungary is considering allowing them to be exempt from curfews.

All right let’s bring in our guests in reading dr Simon Clark associate professor in cellular microbiology at the university of Redding in Doha dr Patrick tang division chief of pathology sciences at sidra medicine and in oxford dr Dominic Wilkinson director of medical ethics at the wahiro center for practical ethics at the university of oxford welcome to the program Patrick let me start with you.

Do you believe that vaccine certificates are going to become the norm uh it’s quite likely that different countries or different businesses might implement some form of vaccine efficacy or or vaccine certificates uh in order to be able to um certify that certain people are immune and to be able to have more efficiencies in their businesses and travel in protecting some of their critical infrastructure.

Simon it’s unclear at this stage if any of the covet 19 vaccines that are out there actually prevent transmission….




First go to on your phone or laptop and tap this orange box register sign in yourself right at the top,  you will be taken to another web page , now enter your mobile number, the one that you use to register yourself for vaccination and then tab get otp ,you can see all the details of your doses here you will now see a certificate button just below doors one and those two since,

i will tap on the certificate option right below those one but you have received the second dose also then you will find the certificate option below those two which will be the final vaccination certificate on clicking that a pdf of the certificate will be Automatically Downloaded.

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