Gulf Countries video calling best platform

Gulf Countries video calling best platform

WhatsApp and IMO are the best and recommended platforms for the video calling all over the world. There’s some apps on restricted to some countries, And you cannot use this specific app in the country. Likewise WhatsApp and Imo Is blocked in the Gulf countries nowadays, really want to be in Contact with their relatives and friends nationally as well as internationally.

In order to make video calling possible in the Gulf countries both inside the country as well as outside the country, You must use a reliable app for video calling that is and out in your country.

Here I am suggesting you some of video calling apps that are reliable and best for making video calling throughout the world from any gulf country.

  1. Botim

Botim is you a most popular video calling app Which is never restricted by Gulf countries. You can easily use botim app, by subscribing to each monthly back for DHs50. You can use this app both for national and international video calling.


HIU messenger is also designed for the users that are originated in Gulf countries. Easy for the people of Gulf countries, this app allows you to make video call as well as audio call throughout the world ,with high video quality.

Not only for video calling but people can also use it for sending images, voice notes as well as location. It can easily be downloaded from Play Store. It Is free like WhatsApp and doesn’t charge a penny for using it for any purpose.



This video calling platform for gulf country is same as HIU MESSENGER, people who want video calling on big screen then the normal screen live PC computer as well as tablet. It has all the features of sending images, voice notes and live location. Additionally it has the feature of group chatting.


It is another gulf country video calling app which allows you to video call all over the world in HD resolution. Residents who are looking for the alternative of WhatsApp and IMO for video calling in the Gulf countries can easily install this app from Play Store and use in its way. This app also allows all the features of WhatsApp and IMO like you can send messages, images, voicenotes and live location.



YZERCHAT, newly launched app for the residents video of Gulf countries how to make video call throughout world. This app has large number of features like messaging, picture sending, voice notes as well as group chat. Another exciting feature of this app is that it allows automatic translation from any language to any other language at a time.

Currently, this application support 16 languages which includes Hindi, Chinese, English, French and Arabic. It has another exciting feature like Facebook, that its user can also create its own channel on the platform and share pictures, thoughts and videos like Facebook group.


For downloading Totok application, user can easily download it from Play Store. It is another video calling app for gulf country with super HD video calling quality. The voice quality of this application do not Glitch during video calling because, to reduce voice Eco and increase voice clarity this app use artificial intelligence.

Most excited feature of this app is that you can take pictures in it by using thousand of funny, beauty and entertaining filter and features. Moreover this application can also be used for messaging, voice bots and sending images throughout the world.


Bottom line

If you are being a regular user of WhatsApp and IMO from Gulf countries and now a days due to the blockage of these two apps by the government you are frustrated, ab is the solution to their problem. You can easily download any of the above recommended application from the Play Store and use it as a WhatsApp aur IMO for video calling throughout the world national or International.


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