Maternity Nurses Jobs in Dubai
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Maternity Nurses Jobs in Dubai

Maternity Nurses Jobs in Dubai

Maternity Nurses Jobs in Dubai

A METERNITY nurse is a lady or gent who comes to your houses or you hire to look after u and your Children and in return you pay them for their service…

All people’s are in search of jobs as due to corona many people lost their jobs or by many reasons….everyone wants to facilitate his or her own life by doing high payment jobs even for that the have to travel from one country to another…

Many people around u, have noticed that they travel to a well developed countries for jobs these countries includes DUBAI which is a very good place to plan future there…and have high paying jobs

Dubai is a very well developing country where u can find any type of job any time…

People travel from their countries to Dubai not just because there are opportunities of jobs but also they provide decent salary PAKAGES..

U can easily find jobs in Dubai from your phone and u can apply in 10 mints there are many types of jobs like part time, full time and home base. Meet New People

You can find following jobs easily
Delivery jobs
Driver jobs
Salon jobs
Nurses job

I m sure you are looking for maternity nurses jobs that y u visited here…

So let me tell u all job of nurses for which u can apply even now in JULY 2021

ALL HIGH SALARY Maternity Nurses JOBS:-

These jobs includes newborn baby general care, b ready feeding, supervising baby room craze and decorations…

All the Maternity Nurses are provided with full furnished room..

METERNITY nurses can have 3 hours break in 24 hours and 5 to 6 days service and 1 day Holiday in a week..


As I told above that in KUWAIT u will see good salary PAKAGES for maternity jobs per hours..

24 hours service for a single baby:-£220_£270..

24 hours for multiple babies:-£250+

But u have to give a normal interview before they hire u…in interview they will discuss simple decisions like,

Working hours per week
Your way of taking care
Have u know about art and craft
Does she have knowledge of outside activities for specific aged children..

Ok so now I will tell u the procedure how to apply for a Maternity Nurses job.


Maternity Nurses Jobs Apply
1: VISIT the Official website Here 
2:A home page of website will be open with three different options..

For families
For applicants
And about us

3:click on for applicants and then click on available positions..

4:on the next interface scroll down and select a job suitable for u..

5:on the next page all available info related to job will be shown if u are agree to apply then scroll down…

6:press the option sent your CV..

7:they will ask for your info like
Date of birth
Qualification and experience
Position u r applying for
And location for work

8:Then click on option CHOOSE YOUR FILE and upload your CV..

9:Mark the option to enable to receive emails from this website..

10:and press submit. Your CV will be submitted successfully and you will soon receive an email from them ..Stay tuned  .


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