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Emergency Numbers In Saudi Arabia

Emergency Numbers In Saudi Arabia

If you are living in saudi arabia or you are planning to live or dreaming your future in saudi arabia than u must know all details about its environment and services for a fine life style..

If you are interested in life of saudi arabia then you should must know their laws, rules and regulations…you must know civil id card info, your license, bills your rights and many more…

Among these if u are in trouble or u face some emergency than you should call that emergency department..

You should inform that department in which emergency relates means if a patients emergency you should call ambulance in case of any crime you should call police in case of fire you should call fire brigade…

So that u can handle situation easily…

You should be strong because anything can happen so you should have to handle them by taking help from the related service…

In this case you should have all emergency numbers saved in your phone if you have none i can show you all and you should definitely save it with yourself..

Emergency Phone Numbers

Following are the main emergency numbers of saudi arabia used in daily life rottenly..

  • For Border security call the emergency center 994
  • For Emergency call atĀ  911
  • For passport general department call 992
  • To call police call at 999
  • To call embassy dialĀ  +966114882484
  • Emergency helpline numbers from saudi arabia 00966125458000, 00966125496000
  • Saudi airlines contact here +966920022222
  • For al saudi transport service call at +923156041930
  • For flight please call at +966591105621

That was all necessary numbers if u need more ask in comment section and stay tuned thanks a lot

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