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Check Saudi Maktabul Amal Fee 2021

Check Saudi Maktabul Amal Fee 2021

Your agency or kafeel will generate a sadad reference variety. So you could ask them to offer you with the energetic variety. If no charge is deposited inside 15 days then it’ll expire. And the agency will regenerate it via way of means of inquiring for moi.

However, if it indicates the popularity as “قيد السداد” then it approach that the reference variety has generated. So now, you could pay for it. Below is the approach to pay Maktabul Amal costs for your iqama

Your iqama renewal calls for the price of labor allow prices. The paintings allow prices is likewise called Maktabul Amal prices. You can test the price popularity of Maktabul Amal prices via the Wazarat Amal website (MOL KSA).

Work allow prices are non-refundable. Your sponsor can create a piece allow price range via his Ministry of Labor account. Once created, the price range can be legitimate for the subsequent 15 days. If the price isn’t always made inside the time limit, the range will expire.

In order to test the Maktabul Amal levy price popularity, click on right here to go to the Ministry of Labor website.

Check Saudi Maktabul Amal Fee 2021
Check Saudi Maktabul Amal Fee 2021

Select the option “خدمة رخصة العمل” (method “Work Permit Service“) see the underneath photograph for greater clarification.

Enter the “Iqama Number”.

Then press the “بحث” (method “Search”) button underneath.

In the subsequent window, you may be capable of see the Maktab Amal Levy popularity and Payment Number.

If the popularity is “تم سداد” method price is already made, If the popularity is “منتهي الصلاحية” method the range is expired due to non-price: Check Naqal Kafala / Sponsorship Transfer Status online…

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