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Saudi Arabia approved new vaccines

Saudi Arabia approved new vaccines

On the behalf of British drug maker, the serum Institute of India supply 3 million of AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine each at the price of 5.25$. And is expected to supply more doses of AstraZeneca to the Saudi Arabia.

Serum Institute of India is the largest and world biggest vaccine manufacturer. Chief executive of India, Poonawala told in an interview, that he is happy to serve the Nations specialist Saudi Arabia, and will help to supply the desired amount of doses as Saudi Arabia needs.

More over he cleared that, “doses destined for Saudi Arabia would be shipped in a week or 10 days”.

Attitude of India is also supplying 1.5 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine today South Africa at the same price of 5.25 $.

The ministry of Saudi Arabia approve those new 9 vaccine which can be entered into the kingdom. Also when it is received outside the kingdom it can be submitted for the approval, and you can easily registered it on website.

These 9 approved vaccines in Saudi Arabia are

1. Moderna

2. Pfizer

3. Sinovac

4. Sinopharm

5. Johnson and Johnson ( Jensen)

6. Covaxin

7. Sputnik

8. Oxford

9. Covax

Vaccines Adoption Request

Those vaccines which were obtained outside the kingdom by the Ministry of Health for the ministry of health system in order to be added and processed in Tawakkalna application.

Saudi Arabian citizens and residents expatriates are allowed to submit the request or application for approving vaccine inside the kingdom for registering coronavirus vaccines.

Getting the service

To get this service, you can submit the application and fill out the form, and send it which will be done processed to approved. If your application is approved then it will be linked to your application or may be rejected.

Requirements for availing this service

To get the service of, approving new vaccine through the website and link into the tawakkalna app online through website, you will be required the following documents.

  • – national ID card or iqama
  • – a copy of approved vaccination and a copy of passport is required and is necessary.
  • – these documents must be in the form of PDF and the size should not exceed 1 MB.
  • – this certificate must contain your personal data for validation of certificate and this information must be in English French or Arabic language. If not you can translate online to Arabic language.
  • – the vaccine name, batch number and the date should be cleared in certificate.
  • – the time period required between the two doses of the vaccine is 14 days minimum.
  • – if your file is under reviewed, you are prohibited to file another application or request. You have to wait until the acceptance or repentance of your application.
  • – for registering Corona vaccine you can follow the below link, and get registered Here 

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