How To Renew Indian Passport in Oman

How To Renew Indian Passport in Oman

How To Renew Indian Passport in Oman

Hope u will be fine and in search of method for How To Renew Indian Passport in Oman

If you are in Oman an ur passport is going to be expire and you want to renew it so I will show you the easy one method..

It’s quite complicated method but easy if u understand step by don’t skip any step…

Applicants are allow for just one time application don’t apply consecutively for hurry otherwise your application will be rejected..

This service is free and doesn’t require any fee..

Let’s begin without wasting time..


All documents necessary
5 well quality photographs
Finger print form
Valid CRADIT card for payment

How To Renew Indian Passport in Oman
How To Renew Indian Passport in Oman


How To Renew Indian Passport in Oman

Visit the official website 

SIGNUP here with valid information and again
Sign in…

A page will be shown means home page..

Press on the left corner of the website for menu..

Click on my passport and at the new page click on my passport renewal..

A form will appear and u have to enter all valid info like
Legal name
Passport number
I’d card number
You fingerprint verification
And enter valid CRADIT or debit card so u can pay fee..

It Will take u to the next page and you will be seen your form submitted..
After approval u will get you info on email.

Now press submit And you will have to be physically in Oman appear in case of any visa or visa related services..

For an ordinary passport it is reliable for 10 years from the date of issue..

However the passport can be issued for the short time by passport issue authority PIA..

Minimum time of passport is 5 years and maximum is 18 years…

Recent photographs should be used and should be in dark color having white background of size 2″×2″..

If u wanna apply for emergency passport you should pay fee of R.O 58.100/..

You should have passport first two pages and last pages or a page containing valid info of visa..

Before submitting recheck information you provided..

Estimated TIME FOR APPLYING:- How To Renew Indian Passport in Oman , The estimate time for applying is nearly 17 mints or maximum 20 mints..

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