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Check VPN Fine in Qatar Online

Check VPN Fine in Qatar Online

The penetration of Internet in culture is rapidly increasing during the past years. But now, 90% of citizens are internet users.

Qatar is the most connected Gulf country besides this its internet is censored. It is very serious aspect in Qatar to filter out internet and most of suspicious websites are blocked.

Many of the social platforms, websites email services and adult contents are blocked in Qatar by q-tel ( Qatar Telecom- government telecommunication service provider). These platforms and websites mainly includes Skype,

Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, blogger websites like Tumblr, pornography, sexual health resources, gay and lesbian content, some reproductive contents and many religious concerned websites.

In order to have access to this website and platforms there are many ways, but before using these tricks you should be aware of its pros and cons.

Below are the different ways by which you can unblock website in Qatar;

1. Using proxy server

2. Use https instead of http

3. Use third party software

4. Using Chrome extension

5. Use wayback machine

6. Using Android application

7. Use unblockers website.

Most of the citizens use VPN in order to unblock restricted platforms on website. But it is prohibited in the country how to use VPN, but in case of urgent need. If you are hacked are you are caught by the government of Qatar you will be punished. And you will be find where you have to pay a great amount as using VPN in Qatar is a crime.

Steps to check VPN fine online in Qatar

Now those citizens who are unaware of the VPN fine before and want to check their VPN fine online in Qatar we can use the following procedure. By following these simple steps they can check their VPN fine online easily.

1. Install metrash2 App in your mobile phone and login to it. If you are using this application on your mobile phone for the first time you can check its guidelines through its official website.

visit Official Site Here 

2. Will be drop provided with the services that where you have to click on the general services.

3. After that you have to click on violation VPN services on the next page dear you have to click on query and violation services.

4. Then you have to click on VPN find checking and you have to enter your Qatar ID number Android mobile phone.

5. After loading take maximum 1 minute, you will be shown either you have any fine on VPN or not. If you are fined then, your fine amount will be displayed on screen.

VPN fine structure in Qatar

For different activities performing by VPN there are different find structure which you have to pay and which is regulated by Qatar cyber law.

1. Working those web sites and platforms by VPN which spreads fall news about country which effects countries local and international peace globally will lead you too crime and you will be punished with 3 years of prison aur alternatively you can pay find maximum of QR500,000.

2. Aur if you are court in spreading aur publishing a fake news in response to the country by using your own platform or website you will be fined QR250,000 or up To one year of prison.

3. Reading any audio or video of an individual for his personal life which violates any social principle and values of the person even it is true you will be fined QR100,000 or will be jailed up to 1 year.

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