Check Bahrain CPR Status Online

Check Bahrain CPR Status online

CPR card is just like identity card provided by provided by government to the residence of Bahrain used as simple ID card…

But under a new rule, card for residence of Bahrain be replaced by a smart card which will also act as or will be used as driving license..

The purpose of this card was to provide many services today main residents under one simple certificate..

The card consist of unique ID card number which is reliable for residents and expect..

On the official site off Bahrain there are almost 11000 of appointments for CPR card..

And now it is possible to submit all your documents online without even entering to the country…

So if you are having CPR card in Bahrain and you want to check if status online either it is valid or not you can check it easily and the steps are you are wondering is there any travel ban on my CPR..

So don’t be very about it because here are two methods you can use to check your CPR status..


The two methods for checking CPR status are simple and are listed below..

Let’s have a check on it

Method number 1

The first one method is send your identity card number CPR card number to labour market regulatory authority(  (+973 1738 8888)..

The message format should be like CPR( identity card number).

Wait for the reply of LAMRA with a detailed status of your CPR card in the Kingdom.

When you receive your mobile phone bill pay fee, for this service of 50 (fills)..

Method number 2

Visit the official website of Bahrain LMRA Here

An interface will open where you will be asked for your identity card or CPR card number..

Here enter your identity card or CPR card number fill the robot captcha to prove that you are not a robot and click on search button ..

After this loading will take sometime and your screen will show you all details about your CPR card your id card either it is valid or not…

That was the two possible methods for the purpose of checking your CPR card..

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